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Description of Azimut farm cider

Azimut is THE reference for farm cider. The result of all the helping hands, hard work and aromas of the piece of land of Ferme Cidricole Équinoxe.

This blend aged for 6 months in Frontenac wine oak barrels is the right excuse to discover the complexity of the farmiest of ciders.

Dry cider with a sugar level of 2 g/L and 6.5% alcohol.

What is farm cider?

The term “farm cider” describes a cider that has been produced from A to Z by a producer. Thus, the cider grower grows his apples, presses them, ferments them and bottles them, all on his own farm.

This not only allows for greater control over product quality, but also allows for the creation of drinks that truly represent a specific terroir.

Ferme Cidricole Équinoxe

More than a simple orchard or a cider house, the principle of the cider farm is based on the importance of the well-being of the farm's ecosystems and, at the same time, of the humans who surround it.

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