Saison 3

The great revolution in breeding – Dominic Lamontagne and Fernande Ouellet

La grande révolution de l’élevage – Dominic Lamontagne et Fernande Ouellet

This week on the podcast, Mike and Jean-William turn to another side of the agricultural world: breeding. They wanted to know more about the issues surrounding breeding and slaughter in Quebec, what the future of these practices could look like and how to make them more sustainable.

To talk about it, they welcome two pioneers who carry with them fascinating projects to advance their field.

First, Dominic Lamontagne, author of The Impossible Farm and The Goat and the Cabbage and instigator of a pilot project to allow small poultry farmers to slaughter directly on the farm. Also Fernande Ouellet, founding owner of Rusé comme un canard as well as co-founder and project leader of the solidarity cooperative Le Petit abattoir.

An informative and fascinating discussion on themes that deserve to be debated to move them in the right direction!

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For further:
1. Guide to good practices for operating an on-farm chicken slaughterhouse

2. Dominic's feeder and drinker models

3. Video where Dominic explains how they were created

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