Les Idées Radicules

"The radicles are the first roots of a plant being. They play an essential role, because it is thanks to them that our plant will be able to flourish and grow."

Podcast hosted by two lovers of agriculture, brothers Jean-William and Mickael Côté, Les Idées Radicules welcomes enthusiasts, novices, experts, skeptics and converts, to discuss and bring to light the current and future agricultural issues of Quebec, even the most ridiculous and the most radical!

Saison 4La Centrale agricole, le coeur battant de l'agriculture urbaine

La Centrale agricole, le coeur battant de l'agriculture urbaine

Saviez-vous que la plus grande coopérative d'agriculture urbaine au MONDE se trouve ici-même, au Québec?Eh oui! La Centrale agricole, située en plein coeur de l'arrondissement Ahuntsic-Cartierville...

Saison 3Devenir vigneron au Québec, un rêve fou? – Frédéric Ouellet-Lacroix et Joël Richard

Becoming a winemaker in Quebec, a crazy dream? – Frédéric Ouellet-Lacroix and Joël Richard

For this last episode of season 3, Mike and Jiwi looked at another face of Quebec agriculture which is on the rise: viticulture.

Saison 3La vie invisible qui s’érode sous nos pieds – Marie-Élise Samson et Étienne Yergeau

The invisible life that is eroding beneath our feet – Marie-Élise Samson and Étienne Yergeau

Microorganisms are the basis of all life on Earth, and their presence in our lands is essential to ensure their fertility. On the other hand, some of our agricultural practices threaten this p...

Saison 3La coopérative, l’avenir de l’agriculture? – Evan Murray et Frédéric Thériault

The cooperative, the future of agriculture? – Evan Murray and Frédéric Thériault

Could the cooperative model be a winning solution to help the next generation of agri-agro entrepreneurs launch a business? Mike and Jiwi discuss it in this episode of the podcast with Frédéri...


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Saison 3La grande révolution de l’élevage – Dominic Lamontagne et Fernande Ouellet

The great revolution in breeding – Dominic Lamontagne and Fernande Ouellet

This week on the podcast, Mike and Jean-William turn to another side of the agricultural world: breeding. They wanted to know more about the issues surrounding breeding and slaughter in Quebec, ...

Saison 3La municipalité pour vaincre le cynisme en politique – avec Martin St-Gelais

Municipality to overcome cynicism in politics – with Martin St-Gelais

When we talk about government assistance in agriculture, the provincial and federal levels always come to mind. But we often forget that municipal leaders can offer more direct, faster and eve...

Saison 3Les «petits fruits» de nos efforts collectifs – Jasmine Sauvé et Chloé Massicotte

The “small fruits” of our collective efforts – Jasmine Sauvé and Chloé Massicotte

Every year, we impatiently await the berry season. But what do we really know about the work behind it, both in terms of production and marketing? To answer this question, Jean-William and Mic...

Saison 3Comment l’inflation affecte l’agroalimentaire – avec Vincent Cloutier

How inflation affects the agri-food industry – with Vincent Cloutier

It goes without saying that inflation in recent months has affected a very large number of Quebecers. Mickael and Jean-William therefore wanted to know how inflation had an impact on the economy o...

Saison 3Démarrer sa table fermière – avec Jean-Martin Fortier et Rosalie Drum

Starting your farm table – with Jean-Martin Fortier and Rosalie Drum

With food sovereignty and local purchasing being increasingly important movements, the concept of “farm to table” eating had no choice but to follow this trend. Mike and Jean-William took an int...

Saison 3Façonner le vivant, du documentaire à la terre – avec Carole Poliquin

Shaping the living, from documentary to earth – with Carole Poliquin

Do you feel disconnected from nature and these lands that nourish us? It is this same feeling that pushed documentary filmmaker Carole Poliquin to make the film Humus. This documentary explore...

Saison 3La vie secrète des pollinisateurs – avec Marie-Anne Viau

The secret life of pollinators – with Marie-Anne Viau

When we talk about pollinators, we often tend to think of honey bees. But did you know that in Quebec, there are also more than 375 species of wild bees, which have an equally important role to ...

Saison 3L’entrepreneuriat au service du vivant - Fred Campbell et Philippe Choinière

Entrepreneurship in the service of life - Fred Campbell and Philippe Choinière

Now being young entrepreneurs themselves, Mickael and Jean-William wanted to draw inspiration from the stories and advice of Quebec entrepreneurs who have stood out in their own way in the agric...

Saison 3L’histoire omise de la pêche au Québec avec Sandra Gauthier

The omitted history of fishing in Quebec with Sandra Gauthier

While our St. Lawrence is full of an incredible diversity of marine products, the majority of seafood consumed by Quebecers is imported. Why is this the case? How can we reconnect with the foo...

Saison 3Spécial: Où sont rendus Mike et Jiwi à l’amorce de la saison 3 du balado?

Special: Where are Mike and Jiwi at the start of season 3 of the podcast?

At the start of the 3rd season of the podcast, the hosts Mickael and Jean-William Côté felt the need to renew their commitments with their listeners, and also to provide a small update of their pr...

ExtrasMener la relève vers le succès - LIVE au Sommet FAC de la Relève

Leading the next generation to success - LIVE at the FAC Next-Generation Summit

What would Quebec's emerging agricultural leaders like to see happen to help their sisters and brothers in the coming years? We talk about it with Philippe Pagé, Marie de Sainte-Camille and ou...

ExtrasL’intérêt de la transformation alimentaire - LIVE au Sommet FAC de la Relève

The interest of food processing - LIVE at the FAC de la Relève Summit

Food processing is undoubtedly a bright future for the next generation of agricultural and agri-food workers in Quebec. Not only does it allow farmers to showcase their products even more, but...

ExtrasRamener les jeunes vers l'agriculture - LIVE au Sommet FAC de la Relève

Bringing young people back to agriculture - LIVE at the FAC de la Relève Summit

In this third interview at the FAC de la Relève Summit, Mickael and Jean-William chat with the speaker Gabriel Bran Lopez, founding president of the Youth Fusion organization, which, among other...

ExtrasL’innovation au service de la relève - LIVE au Sommet FAC de la Relève

Innovation serving the next generation - LIVE at the FAC Next-Generation Summit

In this interview with Olivier Demers-Dubé, Mickael and Jean-William learn more about the growing importance of technological innovations in agriculture and why young young people in agriculture a...