Ces Gens Ferm'idables

We are going to meet all these wonderful people who are reinventing and living with passion the Quebec agriculture of today and tomorrow. Because we are proud of our rich land and the stories behind each agricultural and food initiative.

Coop Boomerang - Vouloir faire la différence

Coop Boomerang - Vouloir faire la différence

Quand ton mécanisme de prise de décision est basé sur les endroits où tu pourras faire la plus grande différence environnementale, tu sais que tu as la bonne façon de faire! C'est exactement ce que...

400 Pieds de Champignon - Le pleurote de la rue Marie-Anne

400 Pieds de Champignon - Le pleurote de la rue Marie-Anne

Michaël Loyer est un grand passionné des champignons depuis son jeune âge. C'est d'ailleurs cette passion qui a fait naître son petit local de culture: 400 Pieds de Champignon. L'entreprise compte ...

Bec-O Lanctôt - Nourrir le monde, un coco à la fois

Bec-O Lanctôt - Feeding the world, one egg at a time

Discover this Estrian family that feeds Quebec, one egg at a time!

Terre à Boire - Des bières tissées serrées

Terre à Boire - Tightly woven beers

Discover the story of this tight-knit family that offers a little piece of their fields in every sip!

Bean et Bonheur - Travailler la nature du grain

Bean and Happiness - Working on the nature of grain

Why does coffee taste different from one place to another? This is the big question that Steve Blais asked himself before transforming his house into a coffee factory!

Treize Chocolats - La passion dans chaque bouchée

Treize Chocolats - Passion in every bite

Doing this 5, 6, 7 days a week, you have to love what you do. For many, chocolate is a simple little pleasure in life. For others, like Pascal Daoust, chocolate is more synonymous with pass...

Oneka Elements - La culture des arômes

Oneka Elements - The culture of aromas

For Philippe Choinière and Stacey Lecuyer-Choinière, founders of Oneka Elements, agriculture is a way to offer people a moment of relaxation, a moment of peace, and perhaps even a moment of reli...