Getting to know our local agri-food industry

Reconnecting with your where your food comes from isn't just limited to eating local products... although it's a delicious habit to get into! To truly appreciate the producers who feed us, we must understand the hard work and passion they put into creating their products.

Here, you will discover podcasts, web series, reports, columns and much more that highlight producers, businesses or even issues in Quebec agriculture. It's a direct window into the underbelly of your diet... What are you waiting for to open it?


Les Idées Radicules
Saison 4La Centrale agricole, le coeur battant de l'agriculture urbaine

La Centrale agricole, le coeur battant de l'agriculture urbaine

Saviez-vous que la plus grande coopérative d'agriculture urbaine au MONDE se trouve ici-même, au Québec?Eh oui! La Centrale agricole, située en plein coeur de l'arrondissement Ahuntsic-Cartierville...

Saison 3Devenir vigneron au Québec, un rêve fou? – Frédéric Ouellet-Lacroix et Joël Richard

Becoming a winemaker in Quebec, a crazy dream? – Frédéric Ouellet-Lacroix and Joël Richard

For this last episode of season 3, Mike and Jiwi looked at another face of Quebec agriculture which is on the rise: viticulture.

Saison 3La vie invisible qui s’érode sous nos pieds – Marie-Élise Samson et Étienne Yergeau

The invisible life that is eroding beneath our feet – Marie-Élise Samson and Étienne Yergeau

Microorganisms are the basis of all life on Earth, and their presence in our lands is essential to ensure their fertility. On the other hand, some of our agricultural practices threaten this p...


CommunautéL’agriculture urbaine à Montréal: un phénomène grandissant

L’agriculture urbaine à Montréal: un phénomène grandissant

Ce n’est pas peu dire, l’intérêt envers l’agriculture urbaine ne fait que grandir dans les villes du monde entier. Que ce soit pour réconcilier le développement urbain et durable, créer un équilibr...

EnjeuxÉcoguide Fourchette bleue: les espèces marines du Saint-Laurent à prioriser dans nos assiettes

Fourchette bleue ecoguide: the marine species of the St. Lawrence to prioritize on our plates

Our St. Lawrence is full of marine species that are under-exploited and little-known by Quebec restaurateurs, consumers and even fishmongers. This is why Fourchette bleue, a program founded by E...

Communauté4 idées de chasses aux cocos de Pâques dans les fermes de chez nous!

4 ideas for Easter egg hunts on our local farms!

Basket in hand, hundreds of children (and adults, you have the right!) from Quebec are ready for the Easter egg race. Why not mix egg hunting and Quebec farms! Look no further, here are 4...

Josée Chicoine, des animaux à la planète

Josée Chicoine, from animals to the planet

Warwick, does that mean anything to you? This surely rings a bell (from Pavlov!) to fans of farmhouse cheeses from the old presbytery of Sainte-Élizabeth-de-Warwick. But what few people still know...

Carole-Anne Lapierre, la femme qui carbure au bio

Carole-Anne Lapierre, the woman who thrives on organic food

It is not because our parents and grandparents dug their roots into the subsoil of Montreal East that we are forced to dream of oil refining or chemical factories. Oh, no! Ask Carole-Anne Lapierre...

Ronan Corcuff, l'art de faire ses choux gras

Ronan Corcuff, the art of making choux pasta

Humanity has not dreamed of transforming raw materials to enrich them, treat illnesses and prolong life. More than 2,000 years ago, Chinese alchemists already claimed to know how to convert lead i...