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Goose terrine - Pepper duo
Hot Sauce + Honey
Forest Risotto
Fir honeyFir honey
Organic yellow mustard + honey
Whelks with Lobster Bisque
Goose rillettes - Plain
Sold out
Déjeuner sur l'herbe
Centaur Mead
Maple popcorn
Rose, Chamomile & Labrador Tea Infusion
Goose treats for dogs and catsGoose treats for dogs and cats
Carbonated Water - Sweet Spruce
Sold out
Tonic Cocktail - Sea Buckthorn, Juniper and Gentian
Sold out
R3 2021 - Red Wine
Carbonated Water - Juniper Berries
Newfoundland Salt and Olive Oil Crackers
Camelina seeds
Carbonated water Blood orange & ginger
Sold out
Pale Ale #1
White beer
Goose rillettes - Brandy
Tonic Cocktail - Apples, Sweet Clover, Gentian
Carbonated Water - Wintergreen
Carbonated water Black tea & lemon
Mint & Cucumber Sparkling Water
Paysage sans visagePaysage sans visage
Carbonated Water - Mélilot

A conscientious and thoughtful selection of local products

Quebec products are increasingly popular with consumers, and that's fantastic.

Favoring foods and products processed by our own producers is a necessary first step towards greater food autonomy.

However, the next step must be taken in the right direction if we want this food autonomy to be truly sustainable and the efforts we make on a daily basis not to be in vain.

The products that you will find on our gourmet boutique therefore have one thing in common. They all come from farms whose practices and methods reach a high standard of respect for the environment, standards for animal welfare and harmony with our ecosystems which make the Quebec territory so unique.


We always offer products from Quebec farms and companies


We select each product in our store based on its quality


Our partner farms use methods that are part of a sustainable and long-term approach.

Artisans who love the land and traditions

We work with artisan producers and processors who have a passion for the Quebec region and terroir, and who have the desire to share their know-how through products that reflect the quality of their work. Actors of change who return to traditions.

We also choose our partners based on the social and environmental impact of their practices. All this with the aim of collectively rethinking the positive and regenerative impacts that our agriculture and our food can have, which after all are fundamental pillars of our society.