Terre à boire

Terre à boire

Few brewers and distillers produce their alcohols from A to Z. But for the founders of Terre à Boire, the question did not even arise: it was essential for them to make their alcohols, as they say so well, “from earth to glass”.

Terre à Boire fundamentally believes in responsible consumption and agricultural production stimulating the local economy. It is this belief that drives them to create high-quality brewing products, starting from the organic production of grains and other raw materials, all the way to the finished bottled product.

At Terre à Boire you will find farm beers and agricultural spirits of exceptional quality, which will give you a new vision of alcohol production in Quebec.

A family matter

The history of Terre à Boire dates back to 1977, when the Oligny family, originally from Saint-Blaise-sur-Richelieu, acquired their farm and began grain production. The years passed, the family grew, and it was finally in 2021 that the successors of the farm Samuel Oligny, Isabelle Oligny and Jason Audette officially inaugurated their brewery-distillery, on the family land.

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