Vignoble du Mouton Noir

Vignoble du Mouton Noir

It was in 2006 that Chantal Pageau and her husband Daniel Larose acquired the land which today hosts their vineyard of 4000 vines. While she was passionate about landscaping and he was in love with good wine and the terroir, their common project of founding a vineyard was simply logical!

10 years of training in winemaking and a lot of patience later, Daniel and Chantal were finally able to start producing their wine. They use rustic, semi-rustic grape varieties and vitis vinifera alongside traditional European methods to produce exceptional wines and spirits. All this, with complete respect for nature and the harsh climate of Quebec.

A family matter

Entrepreneurship is likely a family affair, so in 2020 one of Daniel and Chantal's daughters launched a brand new range of products in collaboration with the vineyard: “Le Brouteux” ready-to-drink drinks!

Sparkling wines with fruit flavors, perfect for a little dose of freshness.