10 reasons to encourage Quebec agriculture

10 raisons d’encourager l’agriculture québécoise

It is undeniable that agriculture is a key sector of the Quebec economy, generating billions of dollars each year and providing jobs for thousands of people.

Here are ten reasons why we should all encourage Quebec agriculture and help make it shine on a daily basis.

1. Consume fresh and local products

Buying local food means we are supporting farmers in our area and getting fresh, seasonal food. By encouraging Quebec agriculture, we help maintain the freshness and quality of the food we consume.

2. Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions

By purchasing local products, we reduce the distance traveled by the food we consume. This means fewer greenhouse gas emissions and therefore a lower carbon footprint.

3. Protect biodiversity

Local farmers tend to grow a wide variety of crops and plants and take good care of their soils to ensure they are healthy. This contributes to biodiversity by creating attractive and safe environments for a variety of insect and animal species.

4. Encourage the local economy

By supporting local farmers, we boost the local economy and help rural communities thrive.

5. Support small farms

Quebec agriculture includes many small family farms. By purchasing local produce, we help support these farms and maintain jobs in rural areas.

6. Food quality guarantee

By purchasing local products, we are able to know the production conditions and know the methods used by farmers. This allows us to choose quality foods and know exactly what we are consuming.

7. Promotion of organic farming

By purchasing local organic produce, we support an environmentally friendly growing method that promotes soil health and encourage farmers to use more sustainable production methods.

8. Support responsible breeding

Local farmers are often more aware of how animals are raised and treated. By purchasing local products from responsibly raised animals from small-scale producers, we encourage this practice and help farmers continue to raise animals responsibly.

9. Reduce waste across the board

Local products do not require excessive packaging or transportation, reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

10. Support food security

Buying local products contributes to food security by reducing dependence on food imports.

By supporting local farmers, we help ensure the food we need is available locally, rather than relying on food imports from abroad.

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