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5 Quebec products known throughout the world

5 produits québécois connus dans le monde entier

Quebec local products are increasingly popular on the international scene, thanks to their authentic taste and superior quality.
Here are five Quebec agri-food products that stand out around the world.

1. Maple syrup

Maple syrup is one of the most famous Quebec products.

This product is made from boiling maple sap until it becomes a thick syrup.

It is used as a natural sweetener and is often paired with pancakes, waffles and desserts.

Quebec maple syrup is particularly renowned for its rich and complex taste.

There are several variations so that everyone can find their hobby!

Did you know? In addition to being full of antioxidants, maple syrup has a lower glycemic index than regular white sugar.
It is therefore a much healthier option to consider adding a sweet touch to your various recipes.

2. Cheese

Cheese is another Quebec agri-food product that is very popular around the world.

There is obviously the very famous “squish squish” cheese, also called cheese curds, which is used in particular to make poutine, a Quebec specialty.

But that's not all! Quebec produces a wide variety of cheeses, ranging from classic cheddar to finer and more elaborate cheeses.
Quebec cheeses are appreciated for their distinctive taste and artisanal quality.

If you are curious to discover new succulent cheeses, discover the list of best cheeses from Quebec for 2022 !

3. Blueberries

Of course, Quebec blueberries are an iconic fruit of the province, known for their unique flavor and culinary versatility.

Blueberries are an important source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, making them not only delicious but also beneficial for your health.

Blueberries are often used in a variety of recipes, from jam and pies to smoothies and fruit salads.

Quebec blueberries are also a key ingredient in the famous blueberry tart, which is a staple of Quebec cuisine.

Beyond their culinary quality, Quebec blueberries are also an important economic driver for the province. The blueberry industry generates thousands of direct and indirect jobs in the agriculture, food processing and distribution sectors.

In short, Quebec blueberries are a superior quality product that combines unique flavor, health benefits, environmental sustainability and positive economic impact.

Whether on Quebec tables or around the world, Quebec blueberries are widely recognized for their exceptional quality and their contribution to Quebec culinary culture.

4. Quebec pork

Quebec pork is a real source of pride for Quebec, and rightly so!

Indeed, this pork is particularly appreciated for its superior quality, its delicious taste and its unrivaled tenderness.

Quebec pork is raised in ideal conditions which give it exceptional taste qualities.
In addition, Quebec pork breeders are recognized for their know-how and expertise in breeding, which allows them to produce high-quality pork.

But Quebec pork does not just delight local consumers. Indeed, this pork meat is exported to many countries around the world, where it is highly appreciated for its superior quality.
The United States, Japan, Europe and China are among the main markets for Quebec pork.

Beyond its taste quality, Quebec pork is also recognized for its positive impact on the local economy. Quebec's pork industry is a major economic driver for the province, generating thousands of direct and indirect jobs in the breeding, processing, distribution and export sectors.

Finally, Quebec pork is produced in accordance with strict standards in terms of animal welfare, food safety and the environment. Quebec breeders are committed to a sustainable development approach, aiming to produce high-quality pork while preserving natural resources and minimizing the environmental impact of the pork industry.

In short, Quebec pork is a true benchmark in terms of quality and sustainability. Whether on Quebec tables or around the world, this meat is appreciated for its exceptional flavor, its unique know-how and its positive impact on the economy and the environment.

5. The duck

Of course, Quebec Duck is another superior quality product that is widely recognized around the world.
Duck raised in Quebec comes from unique know-how and a rich culinary tradition that goes back several centuries.

Quebec ducks are raised with a natural diet and great attention is paid to their well-being, which contributes to their superior quality.

In addition, Quebec's cool climate is ideal for raising ducks, because it promotes flesh development and gives exceptional flavor to the meat.

Quebec duck breeders are passionate people who are very committed to respecting the environment and biodiversity. They use sustainable and ethical agricultural practices that help preserve natural resources and minimize the environmental impact of the industry.

The Canard du Québec is also recognized for its great culinary diversity. It can be used in a variety of recipes, from starters to main courses, confits and foie gras.

Duck meat is often considered a tastier and healthier alternative to red meat because it is rich in protein and iron.

Beyond its culinary quality, Quebec Duck is also an important economic engine for the province. The duck industry generates thousands of direct and indirect jobs in the breeding, processing, distribution and export sectors.

In short, Quebec Duck is a superior quality product that combines culinary tradition, responsible breeding and sustainable development. Whether on Quebec tables or around the world, Quebec Duck is widely recognized for its exceptional flavor, its culinary versatility and its positive economic and environmental impact.

In conclusion, Quebec agri-food products have earned a worldwide reputation for their unique taste and superior quality. Maple syrup, cheese, blueberries, craft beer and duck are some of Quebec's best-known products. If you are looking for authentic and tasty food products, Quebec is certainly a place to discover.

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