Express portrait of the popularization of coffee in Quebec

Portrait express de la popularisation du café au Québec

Did you know that the arrival of coffee in Quebec dates back as far as New France? Still crazy, right?

But since the time when the French settler elite enjoyed a simple infusion of black or milk coffee, the trends in coffee consumption in Quebec have evolved significantly.

So sit down with your latte, cappuccino, cortado or any other caffeinated drink in hand and discover a portrait of the popularization of coffee in Quebec in three very distinct waves.

First wave: making coffee consumption accessible

The first wave of coffee consumption in Quebec lasted from the beginning of the 20th century until the 1970s. This wave is marked by a time when people didn't necessarily drink coffee for pleasure, but rather for its convenience. Coffee was a tool more than anything else, which allowed Quebecers to wake up better in the morning.

Coffee became more and more popular at this time, particularly with the arrival of instant coffee from major American brands on Quebec grocery store shelves. It was no longer a luxury product, but a convenience accessible to all.

Second wave: the arrival of specialty coffee

While the first wave was more associated with the “quantity” of coffee consumed, the second is rather defined by the “quality” of it.

From the 1970s until the end of the century, coffee lovers began to become interested in the more complex aromas and flavors of coffee.

It is also at this time that specialized establishments open their doors and democratize so-called “specialty” coffees, that is to say which explore different roasting methods and varieties of beans to reveal a greater range of tastes and tastes. of complexities.

Third wave: raise awareness of your coffee consumption

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the third wave has swept over the world of coffee.

The latter is marked by a desire on the part of baristas to encourage more in-depth reflection regarding their coffee consumption. Not only with regard to the roasting, extraction and tasting methods, but also by becoming aware of the agricultural work behind this popular drink.

We are increasingly looking to buy grains from fair and ethical production, and the “grain to cup” method is becoming more and more common.

And now, in Quebec, we find a multitude of micro-roasters who are committed to the production of ethical and quality coffee!

Discover the world of coffee in Quebec

Can't go a day without having a coffee in your hand? You will be fascinated to discover more about all the work that goes into creating this drink. Why not visit your local roaster to know more about your morning coffee?

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