Everything you need to know about acerum, this typically Quebec alcohol

Tout savoir sur l’acerum, cet alcool typiquement québécois

Maple products for Quebecers, it's part of us, it's in our blood!

But there is a new product that is still somewhat unknown in Quebec, even among maple lovers. We're talking about acerum, this delicious maple syrup alcohol, produced by only a handful of distillers in Quebec.

So, what do you know about this elixir? We tell you about it in this article!

Basically, what is acerum?

So, what is this new Quebec alcohol that is all the rage?

Acerum is a brandy created from maple sap. Its name comes from the Latin words “acer” (maple) and “rum” (rum), since its distillation process is reminiscent of that of this popular alcohol.

To create acerum, maple sap first goes through a fermentation process using yeast. This can last 15 to 20 days, quite a bit longer than a whiskey which only requires 4 days of fermentation.

At the end of fermentation, maple sap becomes alcohol. The resulting must is then distilled in a still in order to refine the alcohol, which gives acerum!

Some producers, such as Shefford Distillery , then choose to age the acerum in barrels to give greater complexity to the alcohol. For example, it can develop more woody or spicy aromas and nuances.

You can also meet the owners of the Shefford Distillery, discover their manufacturing methods and taste their products during the agrotourism excursion La Tournée des Barriques organized by Traktour in collaboration with Tourisme Granby and the Réseau des Haltes Gourmandes en Haute-Yamaska!

How to taste acerum?

Since acerum exists in different variations, it is possible to taste it in several ways.

If you want to do a pure tasting, it is preferable to drink the acerum at room temperature or slightly cold to fully discover all the aromas and subtleties. Since it is (surprisingly) not very sweet, it is pleasant to enjoy with dessert or simply at the end of a meal.

Both white acerum and brown acerum taste great in cocktails. You can discover different original recipes on the Shefford Distillery website .

Discover all the secrets of Quebec acerum

Acerum certainly has the potential to become the emblematic alcohol of Quebec, especially as more and more distillers are interested in its production.

Are you curious to discover the ins and outs of Quebec acerum production? Reserve your place today for the Barrels Tour!

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