The Evolution of Cider in Quebec: A Revivified Tradition

L’évolution du Cidre au Québec : Une Tradition Revivifiée

Cider is much more than just a drink for Quebecers. It embodies a centuries-old tradition that has survived through the ages, adapting to changes and challenges to become an integral part of the province's craft beverage scene today. Let's explore the fascinating evolution of cider in Quebec, from its colonial beginnings to its current status as an internationally renowned product.

The little history of cider in Quebec

The history of cider in Quebec dates back to colonial times. The first French settlers who established themselves in the region in the 17th century introduced apple growing and cider production. Apple orchards were widespread, and cider was a common drink at that time.

However, when France ceded Canada to England in 1763, cider cultivation declined. Competing alcoholic beverages, such as whiskey and beer, grew in popularity. Later, prohibition which affected Canada in the 1920s took its toll.

The revival of the cider industry in Quebec began in the 1980s, with the emergence of small artisanal cider makers . These apple enthusiasts began producing quality cider, often using local apple varieties. It was also at this time that the famous ice cider, invented by the cider maker and winemaker Christian Barthomeuf , was born.

Growth and International Recognition

Over the past few decades, the cider industry in Quebec has experienced tremendous growth. Artisanal cideries flourished, and consumers turned to the drink for its variety of flavors and styles. Quebec ciders also began winning prizes in prestigious competitions, attracting international attention.

Today, this industry offers a wide diversity of products. You can enjoy still cider, sparkling cider, rosé cider or even fire cider, a type of cider sweet. Cider makers promote the use of local apple varieties, thus contributing to the promotion of Quebec terroir.

A festive product

Quebec also celebrates its cider tradition through various events and festivals dedicated to cider. These occasions allow cider producers to present their products and raise public awareness of this drink which is anchored in Quebec culture. We think in particular of Cider Week which takes place every year in May, or the Soif de Cidre Montréal event.

In conclusion, the evolution of cider in Quebec is a great example of how an ancient tradition can be revived and prosper thanks to innovation and the enthusiasm for quality local products. Quebec cideries have revived this iconic drink, and Quebec cider has become a source of national pride, as well as an essential part of the province's craft beverage scene. The next time you enjoy a glass of Quebec cider, remember its rich history and impressive evolution.

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