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Episode 7 - Impacts of Covid-19 on the food chain

Épisode 7 - Impacts de la Covid-19 sur la chaîne alimentaire

In this new episode of Idées Radicules, we tackle the thorny subject of the health crisis.

Producers, breeders, restaurateurs, mass retailers, slaughterhouses, the entire agri-food sector has been affected. To what extent was each actor able to bounce back? What have been the direct and indirect consequences of Covid-19 on the agricultural market?

Jean-William and Mickael Côté give the answer to Cendrine Gagnon Lépine, Product Coordinator at Good Food , Cédrick Vanier, founder of Saint-Mathieu project and Simon Caron, maple farmer and pork supply director at Olymel to answer these questions.

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