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The secret life of pollinators – with Marie-Anne Viau

La vie secrète des pollinisateurs – avec Marie-Anne Viau

When we talk about pollinators, we often tend to think of honey bees. But did you know that in Quebec, there are also more than 375 species of wild bees, which have an equally important role to play in pollination? Amazing, right?

To talk about it and learn more about the secret life of pollinators, Jean-William and Mickael receive Marie-Anne Viau , lead biologist at Polliflora and GTEA teacher in Urban Agriculture at Cégep de Victoriaville.

A true enthusiast of pollinators and biodiversity, she helps us to better understand the behavior of these little critters, the important issues that threaten them as well as their primordial importance in our ecosystems and for our agriculture.

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Marie-Anne's suggestions for learning more about bees and pollinators:

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