Clos Saragnat

Clos Saragnat

It is in Frelighsburg, on one of the oldest orchards in Quebec, that Louise Dupuis and Christian Barthomeuf founded the Clos Saragnat vineyard and cider house.

Christian Barthomeuf is one of the pioneers of viticulture in Quebec. He planted his first vineyard in 1980 in Dunham! It is to him that the world owes its first ice cider in 1989: one of the great successes of the Canadian agri-food industry. A real revolution in the industry!

Today, Clos Saragnat is a well-established company in Estrie that produces a wide range of alcoholic beverages promoting fundamental culture: nature solves its problems alone.

In the middle of the plant clutter

To produce their ciders and wines, Christian and Louise were inspired by observing nature. On the sunny slopes of Mont Pinacle, biodiversity has taken root. What wanted to grow grew, and 10 years later, thousands of varieties of birds and insects had settled on their land. They planted their small fruit trees in this plant environment where nature reigns! Their farming methods, which they have named “fundamental agriculture”, are gentle and exclude the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. This is their approach to creating a clean, fair and equitable space.

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