Ferme Cidricole Équinoxe

Ferme Cidricole Équinoxe

It was following their university studies and a trip to the Normandy region that Audrey-Anne and Marc-Antoine decided to realize their dream of developing their Ferme Cidricole Équinoxe project.

More than a simple orchard or a cider house, the principle of the cider farm is based on the importance of the well-being of the farm's ecosystems and, at the same time, of the humans who surround it.

For the love of natural cider

The 100% natural ciders created by Ferme Cidricole Équinoxe come from products exclusively grown by artisan farmers. The founders have even already diversified their production by having welcomed apples, pears, plums, haskap berries, sea buckthorn, saskatoon berry, aronia... In short, everything to make local drinks. flavors of the Quebec region!

Les Idées Radicules x Ferme Cidricole Équinoxe

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