La Belle Gousse

La Belle Gousse

Garlic in all its forms! This is the motto of La Belle Gousse, a country farmhouse specializing, yes, in the cultivation of garlic!

Driven by the desire to offer a healthy, high-quality product, Chantal and Laurent opted for ecological cultivation, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. In addition to growing local garlic, the owners rely heavily on adding value to the food through processing. Fresh garlic, powder, flakes, candied and especially in the form of black garlic, everyone will find their taste. Garlic produced and processed with care by garlic lovers, for garlic lovers.

La Belle Gousse: l’ail du Québec sous un nouveau jour

La Belle Gousse: Quebec garlic in a new light

Having completed her studies in horticulture, Chantal Labelle never thought she would one day find herself managing her own garlic production farm. And yet, here she is today, at the head of La ...