Centrale Agricole

La Centrale Agricole

It was in 2019 that this social and circular economy motel incubator, La Centrale Agricole, was created. La Centrale aims to offer affordable production and processing spaces to urban producers. It is also the largest urban agriculture cooperative in the world, bringing together more than twenty members!

Within these walls and on the roof, meet people who produce cider, wine, mushrooms and leafy vegetables hydroponically, who raise insects and fish, who distribute exotic plants, revalue fruits and vegetables to make new products, in addition to all the research and development.

Being the reference in Quebec in the development of urban agriculture and a circular and responsible food system is what La Centrale aspires to.

When waste is not really waste

At La Centrale Agricole, each member is an essential link in the chain. Here, the materials produced by some are used as raw materials by others. There is a circular loop that is created where the amount of waste produced is reduced and the life cycle of resources is increased.

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