Gourmet getaway in Montérégie

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Tous les premiers dimanche du mois de juillet à septembre!

Child (12 years and under)

Enjoy a thousand and one local flavors during this gourmet getaway in Montérégie! This Signature Tour is more than just a farm visit… It’s also a complete meal in 3 courses!

On the menu :

Starter of seasonal raw vegetables, at the Le Chou et la Fleur market garden

The meal begins at Le Chou et la Fleur, a market gardening farm practicing permaculture. You will visit the premises with the owner Aurélie, who will present to you the different techniques she uses to grow fresh, healthy and above all very tasty vegetables. You will then have the chance to savor its delicious vegetables with a starter of seasonal raw vegetables.

Goose pizza meal, at the Au Gîte des Oies farm

Dinner continues at Au Gîte des Oies, where you will discover the wonders and challenges of raising pastured geese with the owner, Safia. You will then enjoy the goose meat in three pizzas: the first with pulled goose, the second with smoked goose meat and the last with maple wood smoked goose.

Dessert crepe and sea buckthorn herbal tea at Les Argousiers Ste-Christine

The feast concludes at Argousiers Ste-Christine. Paule, the owner, will introduce you to the richness and properties of the sea buckthorn berry, in addition to introducing you to her breeding of giant rabbits. And to end the day with a treat, you will enjoy a sea buckthorn herbal tea accompanied by a seasonal fruit pancake!

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