400 pieds de champignons

400 Pieds de Champignons

Michaël Loyer, trained chef, has been passionate about mushrooms since a young age. It was when he met his associated entrepreneurs that the idea of ​​starting a mushroom growing business was born.

That's when they rented their tiny 400 square foot premises in Côte-des-Neiges, which inspired the name of the business: Les 400 Pieds de Champignon.

Today, the company operates over 5,000 square feet to produce over a ton of mushrooms per week! From the packaging, to the fruiting chambers, including the steam room and the laboratory, it is here that the development of a quality product comes to life, which delights more than sixty restaurateurs in Montreal.

A specific culture

It’s a whole process that leads to the final mushroom picking. Quite surprising species and breeds are part of their culture: oyster mushroom, enoki, lion's mane and more!

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