Les Fermes AquaVerti

Les Fermes AquaVerti

It was in 2016 that the seed of their idea was planted! Stephen Moss and George Aczam want to prove that vertical farming is viable. This is where Les Fermes AquaVerti quickly took root: the first vertical hydroponic farms in Quebec were born!

The concept? Practice agriculture in a controlled environment, growing their products in water, outright. Since it's not grown directly in the ground, the innovative duo stacks their waterbeds vertically (one on top of the other), in order to use cubic space efficiently instead of in square feet.

The goal of transforming agriculture into a sustainable, responsible and local industry is now possible. George and Stephen are well supported: their team is made up of young urban farmers passionate about food security around the world.

Today, products from AquaVerti farms are everywhere on the shelves of major grocery stores in Quebec, and that is (very) good news!

No GHG, no problem!

In addition to being the first vertical farms in Quebec, Les Fermes AquaVerti became, in 2020, the farms emitting the least greenhouse gases in North America.

The team uses 94% less water than traditional farms, no fungicides, herbicides or pesticides, and their packaging is made from recycled water bottles. Their remarkable achievements have contributed to significant advances in the world of sustainable agriculture.

No less than 235 pounds of compost and an impressive 144,000,000 liters of water have been saved since the opening of AquaVerti farms. A commitment to environmental responsibility is at the heart of the company.

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