Lieux Communs

Lieux Communs

After rooftop greenhouses and urban beehives, today we find an urban vineyard and cider house in the heart of Montreal: Lieux Communs.

Taking root at the Centrale agricole, Lieux Communs works with producers of grapes, apples, berries, flowers and herbs from Quebec and Ontario with the aim of transforming their production into wines, ciders and piquettes that are both original and minimalists.

Lieux Communs drinks ferment naturally, freely and without inputs. Their wines then go through a maturing period of 9 to 12 months, while their ciders and piquettes are often the result of carte blanche and experimentation in terms of infusion and co-fermentation.

By sipping Lieux Communs alcohols, you drink hybrid products between the land and the city, which pay homage to our often forgotten Nordic roots.

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