Saison 3

Becoming a winemaker in Quebec, a crazy dream? – Frédéric Ouellet-Lacroix and Joël Richard

Devenir vigneron au Québec, un rêve fou? – Frédéric Ouellet-Lacroix et Joël Richard

For this last episode of season 3, Mike and Jiwi looked at another face of Quebec agriculture which is on the rise: viticulture.

Even though it is gaining popularity, vine cultivation still presents its share of challenges in Quebec. However, it seems that more and more young entrepreneurs are deciding to become winegrowers. Why then embark on such large-scale projects in Quebec?

Mike and Jiwi discuss it with two young enthusiasts: Frédéric Ouellet-Lavoie, co-owner of the Les Soeurs Racines vineyard and gîte, and Joël Richard, apprentice winemaker and co-host of the Vendange au Verre podcast.

Enjoy listening to this last episode of the season!

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