Le chou et la fleur

Le chou et la fleur

In 2018, Aurélie and her family made their dream come true: producing with their own hands, while respecting the seasons and the environment. Le Chou et la Fleur market garden farm was born! Aurélie, who is a trained agronomist, produces around thirty varieties of vegetables, blueberries and flowers. It uses no GMOs, no chemicals and no machines in its production.

During your visit to the gardens, Aurélie will share with you all her tips for becoming a more productive gardener while spending less time in the garden! During your walk in the fields, you will have the opportunity to discover the principles of permaculture and the particularities of all its vegetables. In addition, Aurélie will introduce you to her passive solar greenhouse which greatly contributes to the yield of cabbage and flowers by allowing it to extend its production period.

From garden to plate

Fresh products grown and harvested daily, that's what Aurélie offers you. They are proud to say that no chemical substances or GMOs are found in their vegetables, blueberries or flowers. No machines are used in the field, it goes without saying: the agronomist really harvests with his own hands. Moreover, a trust-based self-service kiosk is available in season, and offers a variety of delicious products!

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