Ferme Péchés Moutons

Ferme Péchés Moutons

Founded in 2007 and taken over in 2022 by the young couple of Valérie and Francis-Étienne, Ferme Péchés Moutons is a sheepfold specializing in the production of lamb meat. The owners of this human-scale farm located at the foot of Mont-Orford in Estrie are truly passionate about what they do.

Keen to offer a high quality product to their customers, Francis-Étienne and Valérie focus on the importance of raising their animals in optimal conditions of animal welfare. Their sheep live in a large sheepfold perfectly adapted to their needs and have access to pastures in season.

And of course, their meat is raised without hormones or antibiotics.

A concern for sustainability

Although animal welfare and product quality are priorities for the owners of Péchés Moutons, they are also very keen to use sustainable agricultural practices in their approach.

Thus, the farm is based on many principles, such as having a low animal density, not using any pesticides in pastures and meadows, creating arrangements favorable to biodiversity, and more.

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