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3 dates pour cette première édition en juillet et septembre!


This Signature Tour will introduce you to three very distinct faces of sheep production (that is to say, everything relating to sheep) through the magnificent hilly landscapes of the Val-Saint-François region!

First stop: Les Péchés Moutons farm in Bonsecours

To begin, the young owners of the Péchés Moutons farm will guide you through their sheepfold. You will learn more about sheep and their reproduction to understand everything that surrounds the management of a sheep farm. After a short obligatory stop in the fields to admire the grazing sheep, you will have the chance to taste the tasty meat produced with love by these passionate producers!

Second stop: La Fromagerie Nouvelle-France in Racine

We couldn't do a Tour on sheep production without talking about cheese! La Fromagerie Nouvelle-France, winner of the prestigious Caseus Gold prize in 2022 and 2023 for its Zacharie Cloutier, is a must for discovering sheep's milk cheeses. Cheese lovers, hold on tight! The owner will introduce you to her business, then invite you to taste all her cheeses! Yes yes, absolutely ALL his cheeses! Amazing, right?

Third stop: Finn d’or wools in Saint-François-Xavier-de-Brompton

Here, you will discover a completely different side of sheep farming, that of wool production. By visiting the Finn d'or sheepfold, you will understand all the stages of wool production, from shearing the pretty sheep to making the wool... but also all the alternative products that can result from it! The visit will conclude with a creative workshop on making an anti-stress ball with sheep's wool, using a soap and water felting technique. A sweet souvenir to take home!

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