Signé Caméline

Signé Caméline

Since 2007, Signé Caméline has cultivated and transformed camelina, a plant whose seeds are recognized for their numerous benefits and nutritional properties.

The mission of this family business? Produce, transform and promote camelina and its benefits through the development and marketing of products based on this plant, such as virgin and roasted camelina oils.

The company also aims to develop new agricultural techniques in order to make camelina cultivation the most sustainable and eco-responsible possible. In this same line of ideas, Signé Caméline does not use any seed treatments, fungicides or insecticides and only uses organic and natural fertilizers in its fields.

The benefits of camelina oil

The nutritional properties of camelina are numerous. Among these, we find in particular a high content of omega-3 and natural antioxidants.

Little bonus for the cooks among you: camelina oil has a high smoke point (230°C or 475°F), making it a perfect ally in the kitchen rather than imported oils