Fennel seed and dune pepper crackers

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Description Fennel seed and dune pepper crackers

These crackers are a real explosion of aniseed and peppery flavors.

They are made from brewers' grains , the residue of barley used in making beer.

These crackers contain no processed fat and are even vegan. They are also an excellent source of iron, protein and fiber thanks to the nutritional properties of spent grain.

Try these crackers as an aperitif to accompany a good wheat beer or even a sour beer !

What is dune pepper?

Dune pepper, also called crisp pepper, is a spice indigenous to Quebec and the humid and wooded areas of Canada. It is used more and more in cooking, in particular because of the growing interest of Quebecers in boreal forest products and also for its great versatility.

A spice to discover if you want to introduce yourself to local flavors!