Visit on a goose farm with the theme: Goslings!

Visite guidée
Child (12 years and -)
Immerse yourself in the heart of our poultry world by taking part in our exclusive guided tour, special for goslings! Do you dream of discovering behind the scenes of goose production and sharing one of the most magical moments of the year with us?
Join us on our guided farm tours, during the incubation and hatching period. You'll have the opportunity to learn about incubated eggs, familiarize yourself with biosecurity protocols, take memorable photos with charming goslings, and maybe even witness a live hatching!

Meet our adorable breeding geese such as Donald, Monique, Antonin, and their friends. They have been lovingly laying eggs for several weeks, contributing to the arrival of cute goslings that are healthy and full of energy.

Don't miss this unique opportunity and book your ticket now for an unforgettable farm experience!

You will also leave with a dozen duck eggs!

Au Gîte des Oies

Au Gite des Oies is a team passionate about agriculture and projects, which puts all its love into its production of geese, from eggs to marketing.

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