At Gîte des Oies, a new gourmet discovery in the Canton of Roxton

Au Gîte des Oies, nouvelle découverte gourmande dans le Canton de Roxton

More and more food producers welcome visitors to the farm to show them their agricultural business, but also to give them the opportunity to taste the processed products while passing on to them the pleasures of sharing a summer meal at countryside. The Roxton Township region seduces with its growing network of agro-tourist activities and its bustling small farms.

This is the case of Au Gîte des Oies , a farm of farm geese living in pasture in Roxton Falls, which invites us to its first gourmet tables this summer. The dynamic young owner, Safia Barrou, bought the farm a year ago following a tour with Traktour , a company that organizes agro-tourism excursions all year round.

In addition to breeding animals while respecting their well-being, the farm processes its products on site and you can also stock up on various local dishes in the small supply shop there. integrated.

The owner tells us that this is not only to be able to diversify her activities, but because she ardently wishes that it becomes part of the DNA of the farm to always be a host, both for passing tourists and for people from his region and his village.

Safia Barrou, owner of Au Gîte des Oies

More than a farm, a meeting place

In addition to these bucolic meals, the farm offers one-off events such as the goose pizza snack in honor of Father's Day, welcomes Terego camper members, and much more. These meals will be offered every two weeks, some in the evening and others as a morning brunch.

Reading the menu of this star-studded dinner makes our mouths water and introduces us to goose meat in refreshing forms, such as duck breast with sea buckthorn sauce from Sea buckthorn from Ste-Christine , and homemade ravioli with sauce nonna . As for him, the brunch “Sweet summer mornings” features goose cassoulet, a recipe created by young and talented chef Jonathan Melki.

Jonatan Melki, chef at Au Gîte des Oies

The vegetables served are picked from neighboring farms (such as The Cabbage and the Flower ) and elegantly prepared. A choice of wine and regional drinks is carefully chosen to accompany each dish.

The setting is idyllic, the team is young and full of charm, the squawking of the geese lulls us in the background, and an organized visit sounds the death knell for this evening that is both rustic and epicurean (not to be missed, babies goats who have just been added to the family!).

In addition, an original farmyard affectionately called "the Party Mix", a cohabitation between farm hens, wild geese, Indian runner ducks and silky hens adds to the naturally inviting joy of the place. This is an opportunity not to be missed which is well worth heading to this region this summer to make new gourmet discoveries.

For more information, visit the Au Gîte des Oies website

“Sweet summer morning” brunch available at Gîte des Oies

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