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How to choose more sustainable meats for your barbecue this summer?

Comment choisir des viandes plus durables pour votre barbecue cet été?

For many, the arrival of summer also means gathering with friends and family to enjoy the beautiful sunny days. And what better way to do this than by organizing barbecue evenings!

But we're not going to hide it: barbecue season also means greater meat consumption. After all, grilled meat is so much tastier!

However, with the current climate being what it is, it is important to think about our consumption habits. Opting for meats that have a lower environmental impact and are raised in a sustainable manner is certainly an option to consider.

We therefore offer you 3 tips to help you choose more sustainable meats for your barbecue this summer!

1. Favor meats from pasture-raised farms

For a more sustainable diet, meat from pasture-raised meats should be preferred.

For what? Producers who practice pasture-raised livestock generally use more ecological methods in synchronicity with the environment.

For example, Meagan Patch, owner of the Ferme Patch , practices regenerative agriculture in its cattle breeding. Thus, she uses what the earth naturally gives her, and she returns the favor. Her cows graze on the grass that grows naturally on her land, then she takes care to move her herd regularly to allow the grass to regenerate. Additionally, no chemicals are used on his farm. Fertilization is provided by animal excrement. Nothing more natural than that!

So, by purchasing pastured meats, you know that you are getting a more environmentally friendly product compared to conventionally raised meat.

You can also discover Meagan’s farm during the “Le terroir solidaire” agrotourism excursion. organized by Traktour!

2. Eat less meat, but choose it better

One concern that can come with purchasing pasture-raised meats is that of price.

Certainly, meats from small farms are often more expensive than what can be found in large-scale grocery stores. However, it is possible to find a certain balance by choosing to reduce your meat consumption.

Eating less meat to choose better quality meat is beneficial from an environmental point of view, but it is also better for your health. The animals are raised sustainably and their meat is richer in nutrients. And what’s more, it tastes much better!

To compensate, don’t hesitate to diversify what you put on your “grill”! For example, you can try the best grilling cheese in Quebec , or take the opportunity to make beautiful local vegetable papillotes!

3. Buy your meat at the source

A final tip to limit the environmental impact of the meat you buy is by obtaining it at the source, directly from the producer. The meat therefore travels less to get to you, since it does not go through different intermediaries.

If you live in the region, it may be worth looking for local producers who sell directly to individuals.

Otherwise, for those city dwellers among you who want a solution close to home, visit your neighborhood butcher shop ! Don't hesitate to ask them where their meat comes from, they will be happy to tell you about the breeders with whom they work.

Now that you have these tips and tricks in hand for consuming meat more responsibly, it's time to fire up your barbecues and enjoy what our beautiful region has to offer!

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