Feeding the city: Corbeille de Pain solidarity markets

Nourrir la ville: Les marchés solidaires Corbeille de Pain

As summer temperatures settle in comfortably, residents of the West Island of Montreal are looking forward to the imminent approach of the Corbeille de Pain solidarity market season. This non-profit organization, strongly committed to promoting healthy and fair food, enthusiastically announces the return of its solidarity markets from July 5 . An unmissable event that highlights quality local products, while supporting a positive initiative for the community.

Who is Basket de Pain?

Since its creation in 2008, Corbeille de Pain has established itself as a major player in food security in the west of the island of Montreal. The organization stands out for its commitment to responsible food accessible to all, promoting the consumption of local and nutritious products. In addition to its actions to raise public awareness of food security issues, Corbeille de Pain implements concrete initiatives to facilitate access to quality food such as their solidarity markets, their collective cooking workshop and their community gardens. .

Indeed, the Corbeille de Pain solidarity markets have become a highly anticipated event in the west of the island of Montreal. These friendly markets, which take place in Pierrefonds and Pointe-Claire, offer a privileged space where people can meet, exchange and share their passion for healthy and fair food. Each year, these events attract a large number of visitors in search of fresh, seasonal and quality products.

Strong community engagement

Corbeille de Pain also stands out for its partnership with the program Proximity map of Carrefour Solidaire. This innovative program aims to promote responsible eating by supporting local businesses and producers. Proximity cards are offered to households in need, allowing them to make purchases from participants, such as the Corbeille de Pain solidarity markets, without having to pay out of pocket. A bit like a gift card whose amount varies depending on the number of people in the household. This promotes access to quality food for all, while strengthening the local economy.

In addition to solidarity markets, Corbeille de Pain is developing other essential initiatives to promote fair food. The organization sets up educational programs and culinary workshops aimed at raising participants' awareness of the benefits of a healthy diet and encouraging the adoption of sustainable practices. These activities allow participants to develop their knowledge of nutrition and discover new ways to consume responsibly.

Corbeille de Pain also plays a crucial role in raising public awareness of the issues of food waste. The organization encourages the reduction of waste by offering practical advice and tips for preserving food for longer. This conscious and committed approach contributes to the adoption of responsible behavior within the community.

Visit the Corbeille de Pain solidarity markets

Pointe-Claire: Bob-Birnie parking lot

58 Maywood Ave., Pointe-Claire, H9R 0A7

À-Ma-Baie: Gerry Robertson Community Center

9665 Boul Gouin O, Pierrefonds, QC H8Y 1R4

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