The Festiv'Ail 2023: See you at the big garlic festival in Racine this Saturday!

Le Festiv’Ail 2023 : Rendez-vous à la grande fête de l’ail à Racine ce samedi!

Saturday September 2, 2023 will take place on Festiv'Ail at Marché Locavore , a major garlic festival which is in its 10th year and which has established itself as the annual event of the Racine market, where up to 1000 people come together to make their supplies of garlic and come discover the many facets of this unique, freshly harvested food.

I asked Johanne Breton, who has been present since the first event as a market gardener at Jardins Naturlutte, why this festival was so popular and she answered me straight away, “Because garlic brings people together!” ". Perhaps like this Provençal proverb: “Garlic is to health what perfume is to roses” , garlic is at the heart of our life, a food with many therapeutic virtues and a vector of incomparable taste that reigns in all Quebec cuisines.

There will therefore be 8 producers present including Sprig of garlic , Lake Gardens And Jardins Nartulutte , and we will be able to obtain garlic in all its forms, either in braids, in bulk, in powder, in salted garlic flowers (excellent for our soups!), in garlic flower flakes, without forgetting black garlic, so exquisite.

We can also cause conservation, because for example, garlic braids can be kept until next June, and make appreciated and original guest gifts. It's therefore a good time to stock up because the garlic we find in grocery stores in winter generally comes from China and is much less tasty, not to mention that it is so much more ecological and ethical to source locally.

A braid of garlic

And what about black garlic which takes on a completely different taste and can be eaten directly on a crouton with cheese as a tasty dessert (the New France cheese factory always award-winning is a direct neighbor of the market!). The other producers at the market also take advantage of this happy day to prepare dishes in honor of garlic and inspire us with new recipes.

The names of the varieties that will be offered to us pique curiosity while reading like a mouth-watering menu from a great restaurant: garlic Music Porcelain, Italian artichoke garlic, Purple streaked garlic Chesnok Red , purple marbled streaked garlic Siberian , Rocambole garlic Puslinch , Creole garlic Lautrec rose , garlic Elephant , garlic Romanian Red.

These crops all have different tastes and properties and the producers will be honored to introduce them to you, and why not then do taste tests with your guests at home by infusing your varieties in olive oil. olive, you will experience all the diversity of these flavors and discover a new culinary universe.

It's also time to visit the famous Locavore market in Racine, one of the most beautiful markets in Quebec with its wooden structure kiosks, its festive atmosphere brought to life by musicians and all the joy of the locals who love to hang out there. find each week.

Our markets are often run by volunteers, benefit from a small budget and by participating, we encourage an important event in our community and contribute to this beautiful culture which is going to the market on Saturday, a universal, festive and accessible activity. to families. We also adhere to this essential and nourishing exchange between us, consumers, and our precious local producers.

Here are the farms that will be present this Saturday, and happy Festiv'Ail 2023!

  • Ferme Le Champ Libre-Rémi Bousquet
  • Kristina Janežič
  • Ferme La Maricourtoise
  • Pandora Crops
  • Marydan Farm
  • Garlic sprig
  • Lake Gardens
  • Narturlutte Gardens


Saturday September 2, 2023, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Locavore Market,
154 A, route 222
Racine Qc. J0E 1Y0

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