Whelks with camelina oil

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Description Whelks with camelina oil

Whelks preserved in camelina oil produced by Chasse-Marée are the result of a perfect composition of complementary flavors.

The company went in search of original ingredients produced in the regions of Quebec, which allowed them to find camelina oil , a high quality oil, appreciated for its nutritional qualities and its nutty flavor. , as well as wild caraway, a spice from our local flora which has notes of cumin.

These flavors, both sweet and warm, combined with that of the bourgot slowly candied in the infused oil, create a tasty and highly pleasant product in the mouth. Even the most skeptical will be confused!

Product of our beautiful St. Lawrence River!


Helping Quebecers to rediscover the little-known products of our beautiful St. Lawrence River is the mission that the duo Emmanuel Sandt-Duguay and Guillaume Werstink gave themselves by founding Chasse-Marée in 2016.

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