Ojo de Agua

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Description of Ojo de Agua coffee

Finca Ojo de Agua has been part of the Diaz family for 35 years and its humble beginnings in the aftermath of Nicaragua's war-torn years constantly remind Juan Sr of the fragility that was at the heart of his dream project. It is this understanding and gratitude that has driven the family to be relentless in their vision and not compromise their potential, both as a successful family business, but also an establishment in the community that provides plenty of work for locals local.

In 2004 the family acquired their second coffee farm- Monteliní in the prestigious Dipilto region, This estate is a continuation and expansion of their first property and is one that is located in an area where many of their more exotic varieties and unique can thrive and grow under. With all of Juan's attention and commitment to specialty coffee, he is well aware of the hard work and patience that is required. However, it is these challenges that the family is looking forward to as they begin to establish more direct relationships with the ever-evolving global specialty coffee market.

Bean et Bonheur is very happy to be the first Quebec roaster to be able to serve you this coffee in North America.

A little info on grains

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Vanilla, Molasses
Region: Jalapa, Nicaragua
Producer: Juan Ramo Diaz
Varieties: Marsellesa
Process: Washed

How to taste it:

Espresso or Filter

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