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What is eaten in the forest? 5 foods to pick and discover

Qu’est-ce qui se mange en forêt? 5 aliments à cueillir et à découvrir

Nature is a real pantry, but do you know what is eaten in the forest? If you're ready to venture off the beaten path of your usual supermarket, follow us to discover 5 delicious forest finds. It’s time to put yourself into “foraging” mode and taste the best that nature has to offer!

Balsam fir shoots

1. Balsam fir shoots

We start strong with the balsam fir shoots! These little green wonders are a true treasure of the forest. Not only do they have a deliciously resinous, lemony flavor, but they are also rich in vitamin C, making them a great natural cold remedy.

Balsam fir shoots can be eaten fresh in salads, macerated to make a delicious fir honey (as the picker does so well Jérémie Postel ), transformed into syrup to enhance your desserts or dried and macerated to make herbal teas.

Staghorn sumac plant

2. Staghorn sumac

Sumac is a little-known spice that grows abundantly in our forests and sometimes even in the city! Its small red berries have a tangy flavor reminiscent of lemon.

They can be dried and ground to add an exotic touch to your dishes. Try it on grilled fish or sprinkled over your roasted vegetables for a zest of forest flavor.

Labrador tea

3. Labrador tea

If you are a tea lover, the Labrador tea is an unmissable discovery. This plant grows abundantly in northern regions and offers leaves with a deliciously earthy taste.

Make yourself a cup of Labrador tea to warm you on your forest escapades, or brew it to create a fragrant broth base for your soups and stews.

raspberry bush

4. Raspberry bush

If you often walk in the forest, chances are you have come across beautiful little wild raspberries! These small, sweet red fruits are a real delight to enjoy directly from the tree. If you are lucky enough to come across a raspberry bush in the forest, don't resist the urge to taste them. You can also pick the leaves to create your own herbal teas.

edible flowers

5. Edible flowers

Flowers are not only beautiful to look at, they are also delicious to eat! Many wildflowers are edible and can add a splash of color and flavor to your dishes.

Try dandelion petals in a salad, elderflowers to make fritters, or violets to decorate your desserts. Just make sure you pick them in a pollution-free environment.

So there you have it, the forest is much more than just an outdoor relaxation space. It's also a natural pantry full of hidden delights just waiting to be discovered.

If you want to learn more about forest picking, book your Traktour excursion “Discover the Solidarity Territory” right now!

So, the next time you're out for a walk in the forest, keep your eyes open and the basket close at hand. Who knows what edible treasure you will discover? Enjoy your food !

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