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Towards a sustainable food system – Catherine Lefebvre and Émilie Viau-Drouin

Vers un système alimentaire durable – Catherine Lefebvre et Émilie Viau-Drouin

Many experts agree that our current food system is failing.

While the food waste is a major issue of our era, many people live with food insecurity on a daily basis. Climate change and the use of pesticides are increasingly affecting agricultural production, driving up food prices and affecting biodiversity.

All of these problems, and many others directly related to them, could be addressed by making our food system more sustainable.

What possible solutions could be found to reduce the rate of food insecurity and improve access to quality local products, while reducing the environmental impact on our agricultural land? We talk about it in this podcast with Catherine Lefebvre, nutritionist, author and co-host of the podcast We call and we lunch, and Émilie Viau-Drouin, co-director of the Les Jardins de la Grelinette farm and president of CAPÉ ( Cooperative for ecological local agriculture).

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