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Climate change and agriculture – Anne Blondlot and Antonious Petro

Changements climatiques et agriculture – Anne Blondlot et Antonious Petro

Farmers are seeing it: climate change is already affecting Quebec fields. Less rain, more insects, longer growing seasons… This reality is coming to fruition and we must begin to adapt to it.

But what concrete changes can we expect in the coming years, and how can we adapt to them? Will they all have a necessarily negative impact on our agriculture, or can we see a positive in it?

In this episode of Radicule Ideas, Mickael and Jean-William welcome Anne Blondlot, Agriculture, Fisheries and Commercial Aquaculture coordinator at Ouranos, and Antonious Petro, co-director of Regeneration Canada. These experts answer these questions, in particular by addressing the importance of understanding the future of our climate and adopting regenerative agriculture practices.

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