Domaine du Cap

Domaine du Cap

Since their first maple sap harvest in 1998, Mario and Sylvie's passion for maple syrup production has been evident. The founders of the Domaine du Cap maple grove are constantly seeking to innovate their production in order to continue to offer superior quality maple products to Quebecers.

In 2002, they obtained organic certification and began creating processed products from maple syrup, such as maple cotton candy!

In 2016, it was time for the next generation of Sylvie and Mario to find their place in the company. Zoé, their daughter, and her partner Nicolas, bring a breath of fresh air to the family business. Their objective? Add a whole new aspect to the maple grove by adding a vineyard and a distillery.

Thus, you will find in Domaine du Cap's inventory not only excellent maple products, but also wines, alcohols and spirits proudly produced in Acton Vale.

Tout savoir sur l’acerum, cet alcool typiquement québécois

Everything you need to know about acerum, this typically Quebec alcohol

Maple products for Quebecers, it's part of us, it's in our blood! But there is a new product that is still somewhat unknown in Quebec, even among maple lovers. 

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