Raspberry, cranberry and fir jam

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Description Raspberry, cranberry and fir jam

Lovers of small fruits and local flavors, this jam is made for you!

The jams of seasoned picker Jérémie Postel are made in collaboration with the artisans of Les Confiturières using the ancestral “à la Royale” method. This means they are cooked in the traditional way in copper cauldrons, in small batches, to help retain the texture of the fruit and their flavors.

Fir being Jérémie's favorite forest product, each of his jams is flavored with dried balsam fir shoots.

Jérémie Postel

A lover of the forest since his early childhood and a journey rich in unique experiences, Jérémie Postel moved to the Sutton region in 2011, where his business project was born. His vast knowledge of herbalism and forestry led him to work with balsam fir to make delicious concoctions.

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