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Agrotourism in Quebec – Alyssa Martel and Marie Daudelin

Agrotourisme au Québec – Alyssa Martel et Marie Daudelin

The summer season is upon us! And who says summer, says… AGRITOURISM!

Agritourism is a fun activity for the whole family. But above all, it's the perfect opportunity to visit farms, meet your local producers and discover all the work that goes into producing what's on your plates.

We therefore wanted to discuss the issues surrounding agrotourism this week at Idées Radicules. To do this, we welcome Alyssa Martone Martel, co-founder of the agro-educational company Traktour (now under Origin - Tours signatures !), and Marie Daudelin, co-owner of the Le Mangeoir agrotourism farm .

Thanks to Cidrerie Lacroix for sponsoring this episode.

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